How We Built $500k Per Year Business Via LinkedIn.

This Is A Story Of Us.  How We Added EXTRA $500k Per Year Via LinkedIN

Why LinkedIn Can Bring Your More Leads/Sales?

Billions of professionals who are ready to purchase.

More Likely to respond vs Email or other methods.

Skip the gatekeeper, get in touch with decision makers.

Forbes reported 183 Billion in Sales due to LinkedIn connections.

Targeted professionals who identify what they want to buy. 

Build your massive email list overnight by using this.

Why People Fail At Generating Sales/Leads Via LinkedIn?

Their profile is not built for grabbing people's attention.

People don't know how to introduce themselves.

People do not know how to ask for a sale as an authrotity.

People don't know how to instantly extract their connection's email addresses.

People don't create a SYSTEM

for selling their products/serivices.

They lack that "WOW" factor to become an authrority.

They don't create "Funnel" to entice connections to purchase from them.

They lack basic motivation to continue to work on sales.

But.. We Are Going To Solve All This For You.


Full Featured 14 Interactive Modules

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Focus Valley TODO  Platform Lifetime Access

This platform FORCES you to bring in sales & Stay Motivated

Real Life CaseSTUDY :  Journey Of $500k Per Year

Many Course Instructors Teach but they have never done what they preach.   In this 4 Discussion,  We get personal to you.

We open up on selling, our struggle & how LinkedIn helped us bring in extra $500k Per Year.

Webinar Included

-   Recap & Overview

-   Motivation & Art of Selling With Personality

-   Best usage of FocusValley TODO

-   Becoming an AUTHORITY

-   Other Resources

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Power LinkedIn Ads

  • What Advertise on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn vs FB/Google Ads
  • Creating Your First Ad
  • Getting High Conversion Instantly
  • LeadGeneration Via LinkedIn Ads
  • Penny Clicks on LinkedIn Ads

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